Understand e-marketing and online marketing before you regret it.

Understand e-marketing and online marketing before you regret it.

The changes that business organizations are witnessing today in the pattern of production, exchanges and all forms of communication, but in style and lifestyle, have not been seen in previous societies before the advent of the information and communications technology revolution, The change was not merely the occurrence, but it did not represent the depth, comprehensiveness, and speed with which telecommuting techniques or the use of the Internet were made.

These changes have led to rapid and comprehensive changes at all levels and the global and local economies. They have also contributed to the knowledge of the tremendous development of the knowledge society and the resulting increase in value added as an important tool for achieving the competitive advantage of the organizations.

These transformations have also contributed to the emergence of a new type of business management literature, through which their trends are monitored and analyzed at all levels: individual, institutional, societal, governmental, national and international. The production of mental, intellectual and informational rather than material production processes.

There is also e-commerce and the emergence of so-called smart markets and contributed to the so-called virtual or virtual companies.


1. Concept and importance:

– The concept of online marketing

Online marketing is a product of the term e-commerce where Internet marketing is an investment of the power of the Internet in applying the principles, concepts, and elements of the marketing mix (product, pricing, distribution, promotion).

E-commerce services are no longer linked to large companies but are available to all users and all uses at all levels. The Internet is one of the new and important marketing channels for all products and services, so companies and organizations must use them using alternative marketing strategies suitable for this new marketing channel.

Here we find that there is overlap or overlap between several concepts are:

1. E-marketing is a broader concept that includes marketing operations through several forms and electronic media, where marketing is via the Internet one.

2. E-commerce, a concept that involves selling and buying through computer systems or through different network systems, one of which is the Internet.

3. Marketing through search engines and marketing through e-mail, viral marketing, and others Of the roads.


It is therefore difficult to define a clear and precise meaning of the term Internet marketing. Some of these concepts can be presented as follows:

• Online marketing means “utilizing expertise and marketing experts to develop new and successful immediate strategies that enable the achievement of current goals and objectives faster than traditional marketing, as well as the expansion and growth of business in a very short time and with less investment in capital.”


• Online marketing may also be intended as “the use of information technology to effectively link the functions provided by vendors and buyers”


• Internet marketing is defined as “a modern business approach to the need for companies, traders and consumers alike to reduce costs while improving goods and services and speeding service delivery.”


• Online marketing may also be defined through its functions, which include communication and communication with customers and sales, which represent an innovative model of direct marketing as well as the provision of content through the payment of websites either by selling the advertisement or offering a certain amount of money for Access to it.

2.The difference between e-marketing and online marketing:

Online marketing is an e-marketing tool as the latter is broader and more extensive than Internet marketing. There are many ways that can be used under the concept of e-marketing, including:

1. Electronic marketing through search engines

2. Marketing through advertising

3. Marketing using emails

4. Marketing through affiliate marketing programs

5-viral marketing

Thus, since online marketing is an e-marketing tool, online marketing is synonymous with e-marketing because it represents the biggest practice among other e-marketing methods.



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