The importance of e-marketing through the Internet.

The importance of e-marketing through the Internet.

The Internet now occupies an important part of our daily lives because it is an important source of information to compete with all the traditional media (newspapers, television, magazines, books, radio, etc…..). This network can be considered an important source of knowledge. It is possible to create a new space that can be invested to market some products and services, and use many of the tools available through the tools and techniques of this network that contribute to supporting the marketing process.


In general, the advantages offered by e-marketing over the Internet are as follows:

1 – The Internet environment has become widespread, because of the technical development and speed of Internet browsing and it is easy to get any information about a product or service on this network. It is also possible to acquire and obtain this commodity in a short time so that any marketer to promote and sell goods beyond

Thus the spatial limits of its presence, and temporal as well as available twenty-four hours a day.


2 – E-marketing contributes to opening the door for everyone to market their products or services, without distinguishing between large companies with large capital, small companies, limited resources and ordinary people.


  1. Electronic marketing mechanisms and methods are characterized by low cost and ease Of implementation compared to conventional marketing mechanisms. With the potential for the budget set for it, while that seems difficult to apply in the case of traditional business activity.


  1. In an e-marketing environment, a range of technologies and accompanying programs can be used in advertising campaigns. The success of an advertising campaign can be evaluated and measured more easily. As well as to identify target audiences and target segments more easily than traditional marketing processes.


– The advantages and advantages that can be achieved through online e-marketing as identified by some authors are as follows:


First: the benefits of e-marketing addressed to the sectors of individuals and customers:


  1. Uninterrupted or interrupted market access and provision of information throughout the day.


  1. Reduce the waiting time for buyers to obtain information or catalogs to determine product specifications. The buyer can immediately access the company website to easily determine their requirements.


  1. Improving the quality of purchasing decisions in the sectors and segments of consumers and customers as a result of the availability of e-commerce opportunities to search and browse through the website and spread the selection of the best suited to their ability to satisfy the needs and meet the needs of consumers according to price, quality, characteristics and specifications required.


  1. E-commerce has introduced a change in the nature of the global and local labor market, resulting in the availability of channels of work

And job opportunities for the individual sectors. It also contributed to the development of human skills and the acquisition of capabilities and knowledge of electronic work.


5 – Investment and time management of individuals and customers in all sectors through the rapid search for commodity and service requirements, and obtain the required information about products or services (items and prices,

Discounts, distribution outlets, how to obtain them, etc.).


Second: The benefits of e-marketing for organizations and institutions:


1 – Improve the competitiveness of business organizations and support their potential to create a competitive advantage to help them achieve a strategic position.


2 – Provide opportunities to increase profitability, and the ability to enter new global markets to help them increase market share, and build a mental image distinct globally, and locally.


3 – Easy to conduct transactions and transactions using electronic trading techniques, and the exchange of electronic information in an easy and fast.

4 – Increasing the performance of marketing and the possibility of exploiting the marketing opportunities available globally and easy access through the electronic markets available on the Internet.


  1. Make significant use of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing visibility and presence in the electronic market.


  1. Continuous presence with customers, where products and services can be displayed, sales can be done all day and week for 365 days a year, without time limits for traditional stores. There is no need for large warehouses to store goods, To display, where they can use low-cost and easy-to-modify electronic catalogs.


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