Entrepreneurship features and personal characteristics of entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship features and personal characteristics of entrepreneurs

In recent years, interest in entrepreneurship has increased, due to technological progress and the emergence of globalization, Without forgetting the modern economic capitalism which had a great impact on the business environment and the competitive environment of local, international and international organizations. The importance of this subject has increased because of its role in the macroeconomic growth of countries and the growth and expansion of economic enterprises and their access to the financial and material resources necessary for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is an important topic and as the pace of change in the business environment accelerates, As one of the options used by businessmen and small companies to adapt to the requirements of competition and change, which is known by this era.


Personal characteristics of entrepreneurs:

1.Prepare to risk:

A new project usually has a certain degree of risk.and that is who The beginning of the project through financing the project to complete the project and the allocation of a certain part of the funds necessary to achieve it is also noted that the greater the degree of desire to succeed more inclined to be prepared to take certain risks and usually characterized by a tendency to risk appetite due to his strong desire to succeed and provide products and New Services.

2.The desire to succeed:

The Entrepreneur is defined by the objectives he wants to reach accurately Achieve success and have a greater degree than the average individual where the degree of importance and responsibility is great for the job and activity that The leading bit of self-confidence and ability to solve various problems and deal with them better than And then he accepts the challenge in order to make his activity successful despite his prior knowledge of mistakes Which can fall in. Knowing that the mistake is part of the tax business in order to achieve success.


Entrepreneurs tend to be optimistic, They are not pessimistic and are aware that failure is a loop Success can turn this failure into success and negative thinking into positive thinking and then optimism helps Achieve success.


The extent to which an individual is committed to achieving a certain level of success at work.

5.Time regulation

As well as the willingness to work for hours without additional hours only necessary to work only in addition to capacity Which is characterized by entrepreneurs in organizing time between different activities.



Entrepreneurship Features:


Entrepreneurship is of great importance not only at the level of the small company or the enterprise but is reflected at the level of the macroeconomy and through the knowledge of the thought of strategic management and entrepreneurship must be referred to some points:

  1. Pioneer activity as a mechanism of change and development and strategic renewal.
  2. An input to the decision-making process on the best use of available resources to achieve product release Or new service, as well as access to the development of new methods and processes.
  1. The principles of management are used at a time when the pattern of behavior is a determined leader, challenging the bureaucracy And encourages creativity.
  1. It shall also be responsible for stimulating and encouraging creativity within the organization through the selection and implementation of new opportunities Exploitation and acquisition of resources for the production of new goods and services.


  1. The organization’s leadership includes a variety of positions and procedures that enhance the ability to adopt risk and adherence to opportunities and creativity.
  2. Entrepreneurship of business organizations have a very positive impact on the economy and society, it helps to stabilize.
  3. The leadership of business organizations is important as a strategy for growth and competitive advantage.
  4. The opportunity to profit and contribute to the community through the services provided by the Organization.
  5. Leadership is one of the inputs to the decision-making process for the optimal use of financial and material available To produce a new product or provide a new service, as well as to develop new processes.
  1. Leadership is a set of management skills based on the individual initiative for better use of available and risk-averse resources.
  2. Entrepreneurship expresses the effort made for the events of full coordination between production and sales.
  3. Entrepreneurship means the optimal use of available resources for the application of new ideas in institutions and that They are planned with high efficiency



I hope that this article will explain the importance of entrepreneurship at the moment, in addition to the personal characteristics that should be available in the entrepreneur, as well as the great qualities of entrepreneurship and its great positive impact on the economy of the country by creating multidisciplinary investment projects and creating job opportunities that reduce the phenomenon of unemployment sweeping Countries because of the technological development that changed people’s machinations and the greatest positives of entrepreneurship show the success of the entrepreneur in his life and his exploitation of all opportunities to build a bright and prosperous future for him and his family and his country.

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